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Dr Toyoda and her staff are knowledgeable, cordial and uplifting. It is a pleasure to be be cared for by such caring professionals.
Everyone was friendly! CNP & nurse were fabulous. Listened to me & answered questions I had. Thank you all.
Always friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Highest recommendation possible!!!
Dr. Toyota and her nurse are amazing people! I am so happy that I have her for my doctor. Thank you both for everything you’ve done for me you’re the best.
Shelby is awesome! So glad she's back.
Always friendly staff
. This is me at my heaviest 365 pounds. This morning I got on the scale. I weighed 280 pounds. i’ve lost 85 pounds. I am halfway to my goal. To say this has been the toughest fight of my life is putting it mildly. Some people say oh you’re taking a shot. That’s the easy way out. They have no clue what they’re talking about when they say that. For the past 4 1/2 months I’ve had to convince my brain and my body I was not in love with Food. I had to train my body not to use Food as a crutch or something to make me feel better when I had a stressful day. I no longer crave anything sweet the thought of eating something with Sugar makes me ill to my stomach. There have been days when I cheated and I thought oh I need a Coke. I go to take my first drink and I cannot spit it out fast enough, it is foul tasting. I don’t feel like myself. I’ve had this love affair with Food for 60 years and it’s tough to say goodbye. Ever morning I wake up and I look into the mirror and the person I used to see no longer exist. My body feels like a cocoon, and I feel like a butterfly ready to emerge and show the world just how beautiful I am. I pat my self on the back and tell myself I got this. I no longer have a mother or a father to uses as a crutch to strengthen me. I no longer have food to make my days feel better. At times I’ve never felt more lost in my life. The only person I hear constant praise from is my doctor. I go in every month and I’m there for a little over an hour. Checks my weight, my vitals and she talks to me not at me. She encourages me and tells me that I can do this. She tells me how great I look. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I honestly think I would be dead by now if she had not stepped up to the plate and encouraged me to go on the shot. I didn’t have faith in myself that I could give myself the shot that I could make this kind of a change in my life. My doctor did. She believed in me when no one else would. I don’t think doctors get enough recognition for the work and the hours that they put in to help people help themselves. Dr. Kay Kelts Saved my life and for that I am forever grateful.
K. Kelts is thorough, gives enough time, is confident and competent. I enjoy her approach and personality.
Congenial, caring staff. My questions were answered in an understandable manner.
Dr visit was great!
Dr Sarah Lemon and her nurse are great. It feels like I'm coming in to spend time with friends instead of a dreaded Dr visit.
Dr. Erica Toyoda is excellent. Very knowledgeable, patient and answers all your questions! So glad we picked her. Everyone there is so pleasant and friendly.Two to three years later, she's still the best!!!
Appreciate the professionalism.
Had an excellent experience with my annual visit. Both Kassie and Dr.Toyoda are friendly, listen to questions and comments, and encourage me on my path to better health. I appreciate the team effort, self included, and the information Dr. Toyota provides in looking at answering my questions and ways I can improve my health. I am very appreciative; thank you!
Dr Toyota is fantastic. She answered all my questions and was engaging and knowledgeable. I am so thankful, I was able to have her for my doctor.
The entire staff was friendly and fun. Enjoy the smaller clinic, puts one in a more relaxed and safe environment.
Quick in and out for Annual check up and Dr. Toyoda Great with her annual questions with same responses from me! Lol Laid back and not pushy and always smileing now that those stupid useless masks aren't required!hahaha Staff Does EXCELLENT TOO! Quick at the reception area and the painless Lab Techs had no problem finding the stab for the testing! Good Job Yall!!!Kudos!!
Friendly staff. Did not wait long.
Always a pleasure with Dr.Kelts
All good. Got an appointment on short notice. Dr Plooster very engaged, responsive, and helpful as always.
Always such friendly and professional staff at Medical Arts!
Shelby was great
I only have a suggestion for Dr. Shelby Steffen……she is a nice gal, but a few things I think she needs to do for patience, 1. Ask if you need any refills. She doesn’t check your ankles for swelling, and go back in our history so she gets to know the patients history. I was so use to Dr. Nord and Dr. Dzinters, who had so much experience and I realize she is new as far as experience. But, maybe she should consider some of these things…..just want to see her have a little more attention to details. I’m grateful to have found a Dr. just some suggestions. I have nothing against her she is very nice, but maybe include a few suggestions.
Always a great place!
Dr Plooster is easy to work with, thevisit was on time and I was happy with thevisit! Please have the nurse call the prescription in to Caremark for me!Thanks. Cliff Bjerke. New prescription,for ED
Sarah Lemon is fantastic! Takes time to listen, and follows up.
Dr. Kay Kelts went above and beyond in giving professional attention to my illness. She is an amazing, caring physician and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Sarah is a very kind and caring professional. So glad to have her for our provider.
Love , love, love Dr. Shelby Steffen! She's awesome! All the staff, nurses, lab techs, are wonderful! The only complaint I have is my appointment was at 2:15 and it was 2:45 when I was called back, however, that was unusual because they are mostly on time. I recommend this facility to anyone who wants quality medical care.
Excellent service and clinic
Very friendly
I have been coming here for a little over a year and never plan on going anywhere else for my health care needs. I generally see Marie Patton and Dr. Kelts, and they do a phenomenal job. I have seen a lot of doctors and nurse practitioners throughout my life, but they have by far been the best. Thank you for the amazing health care.
We had a great visit. Lab was great, receptionists did a great job and we really like visiting with Dr Plooster. Would recommend him and staff to anyone looking for a caring doctor interested in each patient and their needs. Have been with Medical Arts since 1990 I believe starting with Dr Nord. You guys are wonderful. Keep up the good work!!
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