Why is the HPV Vaccine Important?

Why is the HPV Vaccine Important?

Why is the HPV Vaccine Important?

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is much more than a sexually transmitted disease (STD). While being the most common STD, it affects both genders, can cause pre-cancers and cancers and in some cases goes undetected. Thankfully modern medicine has produced vaccines for the most serious strains and young adults between twelve to sixteen are encouraged to take advantage of this source of prevention.

As we know vaccines come with their fair share of controversies and the same is true for the HPV vaccine. Some critics feel this vaccination is a safeguard that will encourage young adults to start having sex and prefer to wait till their children are older to become vaccinated. So why is the HPV vaccine important?

Marcia Beshara, MD, explains that the young vaccination age is important. Young immune systems are much more responsive to vaccination. In fact the immune system between ages twelve to sixteen is so responsive that only two doses are needed. As opposed to getting the vaccine between sixteen and twenty-six where the immune system tends to be less responsive, needing three doses of the vaccine.

Critics also fear that the vaccine can actually cause HPV. The HPV vaccine utilizes virus-like particles, otherwise known as VLPs, and these particles are generated from the HPV DNA and create a manufactured or formulated protein. The HPV vaccine has no trace of a live virus and has no way of causing HPV, only preventing it.

The HPV 9-valent vaccine provides a more comprehensive form of protection against cervical cancer-causing HPV types. The 9-valent vaccine prevents from the two most common HPV types, 16 and 18, which accounts for about 70% of cervical cancer. It also protects from five other cervical cancer causing types, as well as protecting from two HPV types which cause external genital warts.

As with most cancers prevention is key and vaccination is your best chances to prevent cancers caused by HPV. Despite lack of sexually active physicians asks patents to plan for the future and, their partner may not have been so safe along the way. Call (605)342-3280 to schedule your appointment today.

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