Family Doctors: Don’t Skip Sports Physicals!

Family Doctors: Don’t Skip Sports Physicals!

Family Doctors: Don’t Skip Sports Physicals!

Playing sports can be fun, competitive, and a great way to get exercise–but when things start getting intense on the field, it’s important to know that all of the little bodies can handle the pressure. That’s why it’s important to get schedule a sports physical for your child.

Don’t Skip It

Although a sports physical can seem like a chore, their importance can’t be overstated. The truth is that sports are a risky business; the more competitive they are, the more they demand from kids–even during practice. Did you know that approximately two-thirds of all sports injuries happen during practice? And, if that statistic isn’t enough, consider this: more than 750,000 kids will suffer a sports injury this year. We all know that sports are physically demanding, but the intensity is even higher when a child’s body isn’t prepared for the pressure–and that’s where a sports physical comes in.

The Details

So, what is it that these sports physicals are looking at? Let our opens in a new windowfamily doctors explain!

  • Identification. One of the best things about sports physicals is that they can identify problems that you might not even know about–and that can save a lot of pain, frustration, trouble, and money down the road. This also allows you to send your kid out into the sports world with full confidence that he or she is physically prepared for whatever comes.
  • Legal stuff. Although skipping sports physicals can get you in trouble health-wise, it can also get you in trouble law-wise. Many associations and schools require that kids have sports physicals before they can take part in any game or practice–so don’t drag your feet!
  • Medical history. A quick look at your child’s medical history by an experienced eye is crucial for absolute confidence on the playing field. Even something small in your child’s health history could mean the difference between a sports injury and a win. Why take the risk?

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