The Difference Between Allergies and Sinus Infections

The Difference Between Allergies and Sinus Infections

The Difference Between Allergies and Sinus Infections

In today’s world, we believe that it’s not hard to diagnose our illnesses and issues. After all, the modern human being has access to all of the knowledge in the world. The World Wide Web at our fingertips, as well as thousands of books, magazine articles, and “expert” friends whose expertise derives from too many health-craze TV shows, it’s easy enough to believe that we can tell the difference between the stomach flu and a headache. However, not all illnesses are so easy to identify and distinguish. What about allergies and sinus infections? They share almost all of their symptoms–so those websites, articles, and friends might mislead you. What is the real difference between allergies and sinus infections?

The Similarities and Differences

Before we get too deep into the specifics, it’s important to understand why allergies and sinus infections are often viewed as “one in the same.” The top reason is that they have extremely similar symptoms; a runny nose could as easily be part of a sinus infection as part of allergies. However, that’s not the only reason. Sometimes they cause one another. Sometimes they even have the same triggers, which makes identification even more complicated. Excess pollen in the air is the biggest example of this. Pollen triggers allergies, but it can also make breathing more difficult if you happen to have a sinus infection. Luckily, there are some key differences that can help you distinguish between sinus infections and allergies.

Experts Explain

So, what differences define sinus infections and allergies? Let our experts explain!

  • Allergies. Allergies have a general set of symptoms that we all recognize (or think we recognize) to be uniquely caused by allergies. These symptoms usually include fatigue, stuffed or runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, sinus discomfort, and more. The key difference between allergies and sinus infections, though, is vision problems. If you notice any change in your vision, it’s safe to say you have allergies, not a sinus infection.
  • Sinus infection. Although sinus infections usually come with all the same symptoms of allergies, the key difference is in severity and location. Although allergies seem to attack all of the senses at once, sinus infections are uniquely characterized by a very specific facial pain as well as intense headaches–sometimes even fever.
  • Walk-in Clinic. So, what can you do after you’ve self-diagnosed? The best advice is to go to your opens in a new windowlocal Walk-in Clinic. Experts can verify your diagnosis, as well as provide treatment, advice, and help wherever you need it.

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