Tales from Urgent Care: Sports Injuries

Tales from Urgent Care: Sports Injuries

Tales from Urgent Care: Sports Injuries

Everybody loves to play sports. Whether it’s for fun, exercise, friendship, or competition, there is a sport out there for everyone–but the truth is that sports injuries are all too common without the right precautions. At our Urgent Care clinic, we see sports injuries often; actually, these injuries are often preventable.

Sports Injuries

Different types of sports come with different risks. Although solo and non-competitive sports have their own high-intensity demands, competitive sports are known for being the most rigorous and fast-paced, which means that, when the competition is high, so is the risk of injury. The first step in injury prevention is to know your sport. What does it demand of your body? What are possible risks? Are there any health problems that make playing the sport even riskier? It’s very basic stuff, but doing this type of homework can help you know what you’re facing in terms of injury risk and how to overcome anything and everything.


So, how can you prevent sports injuries? Let our Urgent Care experts explain!

  • Stretching. Although there has been conflicting information on the usefulness of stretching before exercise, the truth is that stretching can be extremely beneficial in avoiding sports injuries–as long as you’re doing it right. Stretching is most effective when it puts your body through the same motions as the sport itself does but at a slower and gentler pace.
  • Training. The importance of training can’t be stressed enough. By combining different types of training like strength training and cardio, you can prepare your body to handle rigorous sports routines, which will also minimize your risk of getting injured while playing a sport.
  • Drinking. It seems simple, but it is quite possibly the single most important aspect of staying healthy while playing sports: don’t get dehydrated! Dehydration actually counts as a sports injury itself–not to mention its effects on your body, which can lead to other issues–so remember to grab a drink often.

Interested in more info on preventing sports injuries? Looking for Urgent Care experts? Contact us today!

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