Tales from the Walk-in Clinic: Flu Shots and Pregnancy

Tales from the Walk-in Clinic: Flu Shots and Pregnancy

Tales from the Walk-in Clinic: Flu Shots and Pregnancy

With all of the vaccine controversy drifting around us on breezes of online arguments and heated gossip, it can be difficult to know which decisions to make for yourself–let alone which decisions are safe for an unborn baby. Today, our experts from the walk-in clinic will share the truth on flu shots during pregnancy.

The Truth

The truth about flu shots during pregnancy is that they’re absolutely safe in any trimester–and, more than that, they provide a crucial level of protection that you can’t overlook. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend a flu shot with each pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system undergoes many changes, some of which make it less capable of defending against the flu. That’s serious business; getting the flu while pregnant can severely impact the baby’s health, both before and after birth, and even simple flu symptoms like fever can cause birth defects. On top of that, the flu is likely to be more severe in pregnant women than it is in anyone else, which means that those already-dangerous symptoms are intensified. Don’t hesitate: get that flu shot.

More Information

Do you still have questions about flu shots during pregnancy? Let our obstetric specialists answer some FAQ’s!

  • When. Since getting the flu while pregnant can cause such severe health issues, it’s important to get the flu shot as soon as it becomes available. Remember, the shot is safe during any trimester of pregnancy, so there’s no reason not to get it.
  • Nasal sprays. Although flu shots are safe, anti-flu nasal sprays are not recommended for pregnant women. This is extremely important; when you go to your clinic, make sure to get the shot rather than the spray!
  • Protecting baby. Protecting an unborn baby is one thing, but when it comes to protecting a newborn, parents can feel a little unsure. How can you protect a newborn baby from the flu? Experts suggest breastfeeding in addition to getting your flu shot; this will transfer all of the protective antibodies in the mother’s immune system right to the baby.

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