Stopping Acne in its Tracks

Stopping Acne in its Tracks

Stopping Acne in its Tracks

Acne, in many ways, is like a war raging across the surface of your skin. It makes itself known, not through gunfire, but through the unmistakable and unpleasant boils we know all too well. Like a war, it is angry, fierce, and red, and often enough there is a bit of blood involved, too.

Of course, we don’t come to the battle unarmed. We have soaps, creams, unique brushes, and all types of small silver tools designed to help us defeat the enemy that is acne. However, sometimes this raging war, this seemingly-endless battle between skin and acne, can get a little tiresome–like when you’re rushing off to that big meeting or that important interview or that lunch date you’ve been looking forward to for ages. We just have to wonder, what can we do to stop acne before it’s a problem?


Before we can learn how to stop acne in its tracks, we have to understand the enemy fully. It all begins when one of the many pores in the skin gets clogged by a dead skin cell pasted in place by the body’s natural oils. Most of these dead skin cells fall off harmlessly–but when oil production is particularly high, the dead cells stick, and this forces the skin to create more of a natural bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. The bacteria builds up in that clogged pore, and that’s all it takes. Suddenly, the battle is raging full-steam ahead; one pimple arises, then two, and then it’s a war. So what can you do to avoid this?

Stopping the War

Stopping acne in its tracks and halting the war is simple; it just takes a little knowledge, a few tools, and a bit of help from a Dermatologist.

  • Cosmetics. Cosmetics cause a unique kind of acne–acne cosmetica–by clogging up your pores. To avoid this, make sure you have cosmetics marked “non-comedogenic” in your arsenal, and clean your makeup brushes and applicators regularly.
  • Diet. An important tool in stopping the war against acne is a healthy diet. Foods that spike your blood sugar, dairy-based foods, and anything you might call “junk food” are all guilty of causing acne, so cutting them from your diet as much as possible is crucial.
  • Hormones. In many ways, hormones are like acne’s own weapons; hormones are responsible for a lot of the battle that takes place on our skin. Testosterone, cortisol (the stress hormone), and more can wreak havoc on the skin, and, as a result, it’s important to understand the way these hormones work in your body and when to take extra care of your skin.
  • Dermatologist. Finally, it’s important to have good allies. If you have stubborn or troublesome acne, even when you use the weapons in this arsenal, you’ll want to contact an opens in a new windowexpert Dermatologist. This reliable professional can help you win the skin war.

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