Nasal Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

Nasal Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

Nasal Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

As humans, we don’t pay very much attention to our noses, except perhaps to wish that they looked different somehow. However, the nose actually has an important job to do: it must be formed so that normal breathing is not impeded. If the nose isn’t doing this job, it’s time to consider Plastic Surgery for nasal reconstruction.

Nasal Reconstruction

Before we get into the details of nasal reconstruction, it’s important to fully understand the formation of the nose. From the most basic perspective, the nose has a delicate inner lining, a supporting section of bone, and an outer layer of skin. Beyond this, the nose can be further separated into more intricate sections: bridge, tip, the post between nostrils, and the rounded areas above the nostrils. A deformation can affect any section or layer–sometimes multiple in each category–which means that breathing can be altered in a variety of ways. This is why nasal reconstruction Plastic Surgery is a delicate and important procedure: each section of the nose relies upon the others to create an environment that allows for easy breathing.


Let our Plastic Surgery experts explain your options when it comes to nasal reconstruction!

  • Sutures. In the case of small defects–4 to 5 mm in size–it is possible to use sutures to reconstruct the nose. However, this only works for the smaller defects, simply because there is not enough skin on the nose to ensure that the nostrils are left unaffected when suturing larger defects.
  • Skin grafts. Another possible option for nasal reconstruction is a skin graft. Skin grafts are portions of skin, usually taken from near the ear or on the forehead, that are placed to fix a defect. However, skin grafts are generally unpredictable, especially when it comes to appearance, so you’ll want to ask your doctor if this is the best option for your particular desires before making any decisions.
  • Regional flaps. Although the nose itself doesn’t have much skin to spare, there is extra skin to be found nearby on the face–“regional flaps.” These flaps can be taken to reconstruct the nose, and while this particular procedure is more complicated, it often produces better and more reliable results in the long run.

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