MonaLisa Touch: The Answer to Vaginal Atrophy We’ve Been Looking For

MonaLisa Touch: The Answer to Vaginal Atrophy We’ve Been Looking For

MonaLisa Touch: The Answer to Vaginal Atrophy We’ve Been Looking For

You may have heard the quiet whisper around a new magic laser treatment used to improve opens in a new windowvaginal health. From the start it all sounds too good to be true but we are here to tell you the  opens in a new windowMonaLisa Touch laser is the real deal.

Before we explain what the MonaLisa Touch laser does, let’s talk about why you need it. As women, we learn to embrace our ever-changing bodies throughout all stages. Yet as we grow older, some of these changes are cascading with countless side effects that target the very core of our female existence: our intimacy.

One such side effect is opens in a new windowvaginal atrophy, the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to a decrease in estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs after menopause but can also develop after cancer treatment, hysterectomy and even while breast feeding. It results in far more than just a loss of libido. Decreased estrogen levels can also cause vaginal dryness, burning, itching, painful urination, urinary urgency and, in extreme cases, bleeding.

These symptoms make even the thought of intercourse unbearable for so many women. Imagine a noninvasive, non-hormonal treatment with virtually no side effects that many show results after just one five minute treatment.

Enter The MonaLisa Touch, the answer to vaginal atrophy we’ve all been looking for.

In the spring of 2016,  opens in a new windowDr. Marcia Beshara found the answer she sought for many years. The MonaLisa Touch, the only  opens in a new windowFDA-approved CO2 laser that promotes collagen growth in the vaginal tissues to restore its natural functions. This treatment is perfect for breast cancer survivors and hysterectomy patients who cannot utilize hormonal treatments for their symptoms without risking their health.

And did we mention there are virtually no side effects?

The treatment is so noninvasive that patients are able to carry on with their day to day life immediately after treatment. This simple outpatient laser application takes less than five minutes. A typical treatment course includes three sessions approximately six weeks apart. In most cases, patients will begin noticing improvements almost immediately after the first session.

For more information about the MonaLisa Touch Laser visit  opens in a new or call Dr. Beshara at (605)342-3280.


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