Jennifer Trucano

Jennifer TrucanoAfter two decades of practicing health-law, an intriguing opportunity presented itself: CEO Rapid City Medical Center, LLP– the largest physician-owned independent clinic in the Great Plains region. I enjoyed working with physicians and wondered what it would be like to be on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery in a clinic-setting. Rapid City Medical Center’s physicians insist on quality and service for patients. They strive to do what is right for the community and are nimble to quickly change when change is necessary. But all the while, they and their staff love what they do.

My passion for healthcare is based in part on being the lead caregiver for my family. Like many women, the responsibility to find healthcare services falls on me. I care for a toddler, a teenager, husband and aging-mother with health challenges. I am overwhelmed sometimes and I have years’ experience with physicians and insurance. So I remain sensitive that other patients may be scared or perplexed by not only their health issues but also insurance rules. Rapid City Medical Center teams with patients for the best possible health outcome for the patient as well as navigating the business side of things. If I can help any caregiver maintain their family’s health and improve the experience, I have done my job. I continue to be amazed at the humility and commitment of our physicians who are nationally-trained yet choose the Black Hills as home. They work hard and have a servant’s heart. Our community is fortunate to have this physician commitment.

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