Dr. Halie Anderson Addresses Covid-19 Vaccine - Rapid City Medical Center

Dr. Halie Anderson Addresses Covid-19 Vaccine


Our very own Dr. Halie Anderson, Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist, took some time to address some of the concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine.

She did record this before the Moderna vaccine was approved, but the science and information is valuable for community members and healthcare workers who are interested in better understanding the vaccine and dispelling some myths.

Please be aware that Rapid City Medical Center does not currently have COVID vaccine available to us to distribute to our patients. The CDC and the SD Department of Health are currently managing the distribution of the COVID vaccine. As the vaccine becomes more available we hope to receive supply to vaccinate our established primary care patients. If you are not established with primary care we encourage you to do so NOW! Once we receive notice of vaccine being distributed to us we will notify our established primary care patients with information on how to schedule based on guidelines set forth by the CDC and DOH. At this time we will not be taking names to create lists as we will have certain criteria required in vaccinating our patients.