Ask Dermatologists: Skin Care

Ask Dermatologists: Skin Care

Ask Dermatologists: Skin Care

How much do you think about your skin? Most of us only pay attention to our skin when we need to take care of it. In the teenage years, skin is considered a battlefield, a waging war between creams, soaps, and that infamous acne. Later on, our attention shifts, and we begin to pay more attention to things like sunscreen and moisturizers. After that, we bring wrinkle creams into the picture–and yet, somehow, the skin itself still isn’t the “star of the show.” How can we change this? They key is to pay more attention to the nature of our skin: what it needs, what it wants, and what actually causes those issues we pay so much attention to.

Skin Advice

There is a lot of information regarding the proper care of skin. What products do you need to use? What causes this issue or that problem? Can you keep skin healthy and beautiful? The truth is, you’re going to find a lot of answers to these questions, and not all of them will be correct. How do you know true from false? How can you decide what’s best for your skin? Actually, it’s not too hard to get the right info–all it takes is deeper investigation. The only thing you really need to know is the nature of skin itself; in learning about your skin, you will discover how best to take care of it.

Tips from Experts

Our opens in a new windowexpert Dermatologists have learned plenty of odd skin care tips that build off of knowledge about the skin itself. Here’s a quick look!

  • Cause of acne. When we think of acne, we think of dirty skin–but that’s not actually the case. Acne is caused when pores are clogged with excess oil, which, in turn, causes dry skin to be trapped and remain on the skin. This means that washing can actually make acne worse by drying out the skin and making oil glands overproduce that oil. In this case, knowing the cause can help you find the right solution.
  • Itchy skin. A common skin care question is what causes “itchy skin?” The truth is that, when skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and flaky, and this causes that annoying itch. There are many reasons why skin can lose too much moisture, but luckily, a good moisturizer can help–with regular use, of course. Contact your Dermatologist for help choosing the right moisturizer for your skin.
  • Sun damage. How do you escape the sun? If you said go inside, you might not actually be protecting your skin from sun damage as well as you think. There are two types of UV rays–UVA and UVB–and only UVB is blocked by windows. That means it’s time to grab the sunscreen, even if you’re indoors or inside the car.

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