Ask Dermatologists: Athlete’s Foot

Ask Dermatologists: Athlete’s Foot

Ask Dermatologists: Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and, even worse, extremely stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Today, our dermatology experts are going to help you “know your enemy” and pick up some important facts about athlete’s foot.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an easily-contracted skin condition that is often due to a fungal infection, but can also have other causes that are more difficult to identify. The condition begins by attacking the sole of the foot as well as the “webbing” between toes, turning skin red, flaky, and itchy, but it doesn’t always stop there. Athlete’s foot can actually spread upward, too, infecting the groin, palms, and more. Symptoms can be difficult to identify, because they often seem like a simple case of dry skin; in fact, it’s possible to have athlete’s foot and not even be aware of it.

Quick Facts

Want to know more about athlete’s foot? Let our Dermatologists help!

  • Contracting athlete’s foot. Unfortunately, athlete’s foot spreads fairly easily. It can be contracted by walking barefoot in any place where someone with athlete’s foot previously walked; this means that the gym, the spa, locker rooms, and even swimming pools can be to blame. However, the fungus can also spread through direct contact.
  • Types. Athlete’s foot can actually be split into three separate types. The first type is “moccasin,” which attacks only the soles of the feet. The second type is “interdigital,” meaning that it affects the skin between the toes, and the third, unnamed type is a combination of both types with blistering and inflammation.
  • Treatment. Treatment for athlete’s foot begins with a proper diagnosis. It’s important to understand the cause of each unique case of athlete’s foot before continuing on to create a treatment plan. Beyond that, there are two steps in getting rid of athlete’s foot: first, to keep the feet dry with powders and soaks, and second, to use antifungal products.

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