Who's On-Call - Rapid City Medical Center

Who’s On-Call

Emergencies happen after hours and our team is here for you. Our patients can ask for the Rapid City Medical Center on-call surgeon or request them by name when visiting the local emergency room.

Rapid City Medical Center Surgeons On-Call Schedule

Thursday, May 21  – David Godbe, MD / Tyler Bergstrom, MD

Friday, May 22 – Robert Miller, MD

Saturday, May 23 – John Bedingfield, MD Michael Statz, MD

Sunday, May 24 – David Godbe, MD / Robert Miller, MD

Monday, May 25 – David Godbe, MD

Tuesday, May 26 – Julie Raymond, MD

Wednesday, May 27 – John Bedingfield, MD / Michael Statz, MD

Thursday, May 28 – Robert Miller, MD

Friday, May 29 – David Godbe, MD / John Bedingfield, MD

Saturday, May 30 – Tyler Bergstrom, MD

Sunday, May 31 – David Godbe, MD / Tyler Bergstrom, MD