A Healthier Workplace

A Healthier Workplace

A Healthier Workplace

What do you need in order to be productive? An organized work-space, maybe? A playlist of your favorite songs? A comfortable chair? Productivity is unique to all of us, simply because all of us are productive in different ways.

For example, we all know that one coworker whose work-space is an absolute mess, as if organization and order were diseases he’d cured, and yet he still somehow manages to be productive–as if he prospers in chaos. That’s fine, of course, as long as we get the job done. However, because each of us is productive in a different way, it can be uniquely difficult to try increasing productivity. What one change can help everyone and hurt no one? Well, one big aspect of productivity that we all share is workplace health–and protecting it is crucial.

Workplace Health

We’ve all heard the saying without your health you don’t have anything, and this is especially true in the workplace. Healthy employees are productive employees. Promoting health and providing incentives for good lifestyle habits makes workers smarter, healthier, and more self-assured–but how can you put this into play in your company? There are many ways to encourage and protect workplace health; some companies go for wellness programs, others use incentives, and still others work with employees to determine the best programs and plans. The key is determining which aspects of a healthy workplace are most important, and promoting those aspects in ways that work for you and your employees.

Tips for a Healthier, Happier Workplace

So, how can you promote health within your company? How can you boost employee productivity just by keeping everyone healthy? Here’s a quick look!

  • Sitting. We all know that sitting has become somewhat of an epidemic in our modern society. Including standing cubicles in your workplace is a great way to keep workers healthier and happier, and the boost in productivity might just surprise you.
  • Snacks. It’s a general belief that snacks are basically monsters–calorie-ridden, diet-killing monsters. However, if you offer healthy alternatives and eliminate the ease of access that makes potato chips and candy bars desirable, snacks can both boost productivity and promote good health.
  • Urgent Care. Health is crucial in the workplace. If anything serious should happen–injuries, allergies, odd symptoms, anything–it’s important to know where to send your workers for Urgent Care. Our opens in a new windowUrgent Care clinic is open seven days a week, ready to provide expert care and keep your employees on their feet.

Interested in more workplace health tips? Looking for an Urgent Care clinic? opens in a new windowContact us today!

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