A Closer Look at Laser Hair Removal

A Closer Look at Laser Hair Removal

A Closer Look at Laser Hair Removal

Technology is always moving forward. In only a few years, our world has gone from average to wired, glowing, and ready for anything–like a planet out of a science fiction movie. In fact, the more we learn about tech and what we can do with it, the more our world begins to look like something almost alien.

We have watches that receive texts. We have computers that can practically do our work for us. We have cars packed to brimming with information and intelligence. Today’s world is full of technology, but let’s face it: we were all crossing our fingers for robot butlers. While robots aren’t serving us coffee yet, there are some other technological advances that make our daily lives better–like Laser Hair Removal.


It’s a strange but true fact that, while winter means hot chocolate, carols and snowball fights, it also means long clothes–and long clothes are unique allies in that they pretty much give us an excuse not to shave or wax. When the long pants leave, the razors come out; however, with Laser Hair Removal, that’s not necessarily the case. Laser Hair Removal–like something out of a science fiction movie–uses light waves to target the melanin in hair follicles. This minimizes or completely stops hair growth in a certain area. The process is personalized for each person, adapting to the kind of melanin in an individual’s hair–pheomelanin in red or blonde hair, and eumelanin in brown or black hair.

Laser Hair Removal

So, what else do you need to know about Laser Hair Removal? Here’s a quick look!

  • Professional. In order for Laser Hair Removal to be as safe and efficient as possible, you need an expert’s help. Contacting a opens in a new windowplastic surgeon can help you get on track to finding the right service for you.
  • Safety. Laser Hair Removal is superior to other hair removal options because of its safety. This procedure can help individuals avoid the skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and pain that waxing or shaving might cause–and it lasts longer.
  • Procedure. Laser Hair Removal usually takes place in about six sessions. During each session, the area will be disinfected, covered with ultrasound gel for safety, and prepped for the laser. Both patient and doctor will wear safety goggles. Finally, the doctor will move the laser over the area and hold it there for several seconds–and that’s it! Say goodbye to those hairs.

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