3D Mammography comes to Rapid City - Rapid City Medical Center

3D Mammography comes to Rapid City

We are excited to announce that Rapid City Medical Center is going to be offering 3D mammography in November 2017. We will be the first practice in Western South Dakota to offer this technology!

3D mammography detects cancers 15 months sooner than traditional 2D mammography and has a 41 percent increase in the detection of invasive cancers. This technology is also 40 percent more accurate with fewer false alarms.

In order to accommodate the installation of the new machine our mammography services will be completely down from October 4th through October 15th. We plan to resume 2D mammography on our new machine on October 16th.

Our radiology department is now scheduling 3D mammography appointments for November. Please call our radiology department directly at 721-8160 to schedule an appointment.